Crazy Daisy’s Plants & Things

Address: 632 Magnolia Promenade.

Ground floor (Main Building): Check-out counter, gnomes.

First floor (Main Building): Pots and plants.

Outside: Greenhouse with plants, garden tools and equipment, special plants including intergalactic growth pods, Sixam mosquito traps, and spliced plants (mandrake & valerian; dragonfruit, cowberry and snapdragon; tomatoes & grape) and many more.

Build Layout

Required games

Expansion packs: City Living, Eco Lifestyle, Get to Work, Get Together, Island Living, Seasons, Snowy Escape.

Game packs: Outdoor Retreat, Strangerville, Vampires.

Stuff packs: Tiny Living.

Kits: Courtyard Oasis Kit.

Lot traits

Great Soil, Homey, Gnomes.


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