Welcome to Hyperion Sims Design!

As a loyal Sims player for the past 21 years, I love making playable builds and finally decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Frequently asked questions

What will I get from your Patreon?

You will receive early access to at least 4 (sometimes more) builds a month. This will always include:

  • One large build (e.g. a mansion, mini mall, …)
  • One small/medium build (e.g., starter home, tiny living home, bakery, hair salon)
  • Two rooms (e.g., home gym, bedroom, bathroom, art studio)

There will be regular polls to make sure that the builds are in line with what the majority wants. The polls will be to help me determine what to build next in terms of style, building type and other details.

How often will you be posting?

There will be four builds posted every month, as follows

  • Week 1: Large build
  • Week 2: Room
  • Week 3: Small/medium build
  • Week 4: Room

Every week there will also be at least one poll to help me determine what to build next and at least one Work-in-Progress (WIP) post.

Tier 3 Patrons will receive an email reminder whenever something is posted to Patreon and can opt in to receive updates and links to additional content, such as speed build videos, tips & tricks videos and xxx.

Are all your posts Patreon exclusive?

All of the builds are Patreon exclusive and will not be uploaded or shared anywhere else. Any recolors I might make for builds will be made public on the Hyperion Sims website after 4 weeks.

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