Step 1: Build an octagon-shaped pool.

Make sure all eight sides are the same lengths. This looks best with smaller sizes; I would say a maximum of 3×3 sides.

How To Build Round Pools 1, Hyperion Sims Design

Step 2: Find the Koan Fountain item

Activate bb.moveobjects. Click on ‘Outdoor Water Décor’ -> ‘fountain decorations’ and select the Koan Fountain item.

How To Build Round Pools 2, Hyperion Sims Design

Step 3: Place the Koan Fountain in the pool

Place the fountain in the middle of the pool floor, and size it up using ctrl+]. You will have to size it up until it is approximately the size of the pool.

How To Build Round Pools 3, Hyperion Sims Design

Step 4: Make sure it is the right size

There should be no gap between the pool wall and the Koan Fountain. Once it is the right size and in the right place, you can raise up the object (if necessary) using ctrl+9 until it is on the surface and creating the illusion that it is the edge of the pool. Make sure you don’t raise it too much, otherwise your sims won’t be able to use the pool.

How To Build Round Pools 4, Hyperion Sims Design

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